Friday, February 13, 2009

Publishing A Photography Book

I am so excited!!!  2009 is going to be a great year because I've got a project that I am passionate about and everyone around me could not be more supportive.  This is the beginning of my journey.

A little about my project ...

Since college, I have wanted to publish my own photography book so I started by looking through my body of work and found a common type of image that is rich with emotions ... images of mothers and child/children.  Many of my photo shoots are all about the kids but in those rare moments when I capture the mother comforting their child or just proudly looking at their kids, those are some of my absolute favorites.

Every mother has a different story to tell and we have our own special way of bonding with our kids.  So, I turn to my past clients, fellow friends and mothers for their help with this project, a photography book featuring mothers.

This may be be a bit ambitious and it may change as the book evolves but here are the three major components .... a candid shot, a studio shot and a short blurb about the mother.

1. Each mother and child/children will have a two page spread in the book.  The first, a candid shot will feature the mother in their own environment with their kids whether it is preparing dinner with the kids doing homework in the background, cheering the kids on at a soccer game, grocery shopping or just loading up the kids into the car.

2. The facing page would be a studio portrait of the mom with the kids(s).  Nothing fancy, just faces, unique features and some creative lighting.

3. A short blurb about each mom or a quote from each mom.  I haven't thought this one out too much yet so I'm hoping you moms out there and give me some great ideas.

Bye for now.

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