Thursday, August 27, 2009

Three Generations

I waited four months to capture this image for two reasons:

One, the mom, Dr. Janet Black, is half Taiwanese and I am already taking notes on how she handled growing up bi-racial. My children, much like Janet, is also half Taiwanese and there are days when I wonder, "how do I help them understand their background?" What she went through really hits home for me and I'm sure I'll be calling Dr.Black for prescription refills with a side of parenting advice.

Secondly, the cool thing about this image is that the in just 3 generations, a grandmother, mother and daughter can look similar but at the same time, completely different! Just look at Emrys, cutie pie, who is 1/4 Taiwanese with the long-flowing blond hair. I've always wanted hair like that. Maybe when I have grandchildren ....

I am very much looking forward to tell this mother's story in my upcoming book.

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