Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mommy Magnetism

I stumbled upon this image of Jeannine, a mom of four, when she was talking to my daughter who is usually pretty shy. She had this warmness about her and the home environment that she has created made you want to stay awhile. I think my daughter, who accompanies me to most photo shoot, would have asked her for a bedtime story if we stayed any longer.

If I could give this effect she had on kids a name, I would called it the "mommy magnetism". Some moms just have it. Her three older kids were home from college for the holiday, even-though they were eager to hang out with friends, I found Alex, Jordan, Michael and Megan all hanging around the kitchen area just to be close to mom. It was wonderful just to watch this effect in action. Jeannine shared her amazing mom story with me. It's got everything from adoption, to having multiple twins to sending kids to college on a modest income. She's one impressive lady and I will look forward to sharing her story in my photography book on mothers. Stay tuned!!

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